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Time to plan!

03/27/2020 20:12:32 In Our Blog
plan, vuca, smartworking, coronavirus, agile, covid19, co-working, business analysis, yechte, functional analyst
Find out how yechte is embracing Agile co-working, VUCA, and smartworking methods during times of the COVID19 confinement

Agile + Gherkin

03/16/2020 09:15:00 In Our Blog
agile, user story, gherkin language, domain driven development, ddd, yechte, gherkin
How to improve your Agile User Story elicitation, with the help of the Gherkin Language and Domain Driven Development (DDD). Find out how yechte does it

New Odoo Developer joins our India team

03/17/2020 21:49:32 In Latest News
news, yechte, eu, odoo, erp, india
After observing a growing demand for our development services across the EU this year, we have decided to hire a new Odoo Developer to join our team in India.

The Value of Data Privacy in the Age of the Hyper Connected User

08/10/2019 04:32:24 In Our Blog
2019, yechte, ar, vr, iot, google, facebook, amazon, big data, technology
How Google and Facebook are making us shift from the information technology era to the data technology era

New UX Designer joins our EU team

12/20/2018 22:46:02 In Latest News
news, yechte, ux designer, eu, brussels, belgium, digital services
After observing a growing demand for our digital services to Banks and Financial Institutions across the EU this year, we have decided to hire a UX Designer.

Digital Consultancy agreement with a Giant

09/22/2018 10:34:17 In Latest News
china, yechte, belgium, brussels, huawei europe, blockchain, microsoft azure, business analysis, digital consultancy
yechte is delighted to enter into a digital consultancy agreement with China's largest technology firm, including business analysis and Microsoft azure support

The Future of Fintech Across the Globe

09/12/2018 12:40:33 In Our Blog
fintech, startups, london, uk, blockchain, financial technology, digital cash, regtech, etherium
Financial Technology has shifted the paradigm in the finance sector with digital innovation. Let's see what is the future of FinTech.

Small Businesses Embrace a Flexible Work Culture

08/15/2018 13:49:29 In Our Blog
small business, flexible, work culture, companies, customer benefits, flexiwork, uk, women in tech
This is an interesting aspect to understand about small businesses—why there should be flexibility at work. Read here to find out how it helps business.

8 Key Ways to Boost your Online Traffic Organically

08/09/2018 02:24:33 In Our Blog
social media, blogging, content, seo, boost online traffic, online traffic, digital marketing
Are you thinking to boost your online traffic through organic ways? Here are the simple 8 ways to promote your business with digital marketing.

5 Simple Steps for Driving Digital Transformation

08/01/2018 08:21:39 In Our Blog
ai, blockchain, digital transformation, digital consultancy, strategy, consulting, big data, analytics
Worried about the strategy of transforming the business? Here are the 5 simple steps to drive the digital transformation for your organisation.

Candidates Available in Belgium & UK

07/24/2018 12:37:06 In Latest News
uk, belgium, python, java, developers, jobs, testers, yechte
Consultants available in the UK and Belgium for contractual roles in the following technologies: Python, Java, Front-end, Business Analysts, QA Testers...

Artificial Intelligence - A Risk or Boon for the Future?

07/27/2018 10:28:49 In Our Blog
ai, artificial intelligence, robot, rada, vistara, 2018, machine learning, india
Most of us thinks that AI can become a threat in the future. Lets see how it can affect the lives of the people in the coming years.

Infosys Reported Rs 3,612 Crores Net Profit in the 1st Quarter

07/20/2018 13:03:07 In Our Blog
infosys, consulting, business, bonus issue, india, first quarter, net profit, 2018, news
We all are aware about the multinational company - Infosys for its IT and consulting services. Well! there is a delightful news to share about Infosys.

New Place, New Employees!!

07/24/2018 20:28:06 In Latest News
gurgaon, news, yechte software development, new office, new employees, social media, content editing
After the successful business offices in London and Belgium.This is a important news to share with you all about yechte's new employees and location in India.

What does Digital Transformation mean to your Organisation?

07/18/2018 13:09:15 In Our Blog
digital transformation, strategy, consulting, jobs, 2018, hiring, digital consultancy
Most of us are not aware about how does Digital Transformation helps us to grow our business? In this article, we can have a look on how we can transform it.

20 thousand original audio & video files

07/12/2018 11:54:46 In Latest News
transcription, translation, audio files, video files, digital transformation, 2018, yechte
New contract with a global organisation for spiritual unfoldment active in the UK, US, Belgium, Canada, Scandinavia, Spain and Ireland, for transcription work

Digital Workplace and a Supportive Culture

05/22/2018 00:36:21 In Our Blog
innovations, employees, digital workplace, supportive culture, digital transformation, work culture
Strengthening digital in all areas of our lives is a blessing and curse. How can a business adapt to the digital world and remain open to innovations?

7 Ways to Help Employees (And Yourself) Pursue Digital Transformation

05/10/2018 22:53:29 In Our Blog
saas, iaas, digital transformation, trends, yechte, digital consultancy, cloud hosting
The challenge is to track the evolution of technology as systematically as possible. Fortunately it can be achieved through resources you already have access to

Digital Transformation: Impact on Human Resource Management

04/15/2018 18:06:16 In Our Blog
digital transformation, digital consultancy, yechte, talent acquisition, it jobs
Organisations realise that their workforce is a great asset. To be successful during disruptions, we must accept that talent acquisition meets digital marketing