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Grow online faster by optimising your social media channels

When we first arrive online, we are virtually unknown. yechte employs a unique method to speed up your growth online through your social media channels.

Growth Hacking

To market ourselves online, we need to become known

Growth hacking is the optimisation and generation of leads. Imagine that our business is a bucket and our prospects are water. We do not want to pour water into a leaking bucket; it's a waste of resource. We value our customer's loyalty. That's why our growth plan is based on retention and continuous improvement.

Growth hacking focuses on reducing the cost of acquiring a customer. It focuses on long-term sustainability (depending on the Goal of the campaign). Through growth hacking, we focus on cost-effective social media optimisation, viral marketing, and targeted advertising.

Our Growth Hacking model works around 10 pillars

1. Creating Content for your Buyer's Journey

Customers are more likely to buy from companies offering personalised content. It helps them make their decisions in a free-spirited way. These qualities influence the buyer:

  1. Content distributed around the persona's pain points, goals, and needs

  2. A well-defined nature and format of your content

  3. Buzzwords and related terms used for your content

2. Publishing web-specific content on social media

Providing content specific to the pages of your website can increase the conversion rate by more than 500%. This is also called "content upgrade".

We thus make sure to disperse relevant content pointing to key pages of your site, throughout your campaign. We also justify this by correlating the message of your campaign to the content of the web pages we are linking to.

3. Optimising the design your website for conversions

The design of your website must convert well for your business:

  • Making sure information is easily accessible to new visitors

  • Offering opportunities for visitors to engage with you

  • Understanding how people interact with our site to avoid bottlenecks

  • Incorporating 'social evidence' such as click rates and ratings to reassure visitors of your brand's trustworthiness

4. Other People’s Audiences (OPA)

a) Free social media

Interacting with others, sharing the content of others and participating in communities. These are great ways to draw attention and build an audience.

b) Paid social media

Social Adverts: Promoted posts on Facebook, sponsored tweets and Google+ ads are a simple way to speed our efforts. It shortcuts the need to build a community organically.

5. Striving for the fans of competitors

A smart way to find potential customers is to interact with the people who follow our competitors. We know that they are likely to be interested in our brand because we operate in a similar market segment. Therefore our message should reach them.

We can analyse the interaction our competitors have with their audience, learn from their successes and mistakes. We can deduct the way our audience reacts to social interactions, and what they respond to.

6. Rewarding Social Shares with Discounts

A proven growth hack is to honour users for sharing our content and inviting users. It's a great way to expand our user base. There are millions of social media users around the world. It makes sense to spread the word through the channels we use.

This creates new business opportunities through social exchange and word of mouth. Asking people to spread the word doesn’t always cut it. People think – “What’s in it for me?”. By rewarding them for the exchange, we see our brand can spread like wildfire.

7. Organising relevant contests on social media

Contests are one of the most effective ways to attract attention to our products or services. A win-win. Let's face it, if you enter a contest to win an account, you are likely already supporting the brand.

  • Creating a strategy to run a campaign on Twitter with an account as a prize.

  • Sharing a photo on Facebook asking participants to take part in our contest.

  • Creating Instagram contests, asking users to post content and share our hashtag.

8. Creating Infographics and visual aids

Every Social Media & Content Marketer dreams of their content “going viral.” It’s a proven fact that visual content is more viral than text content. BuzzSumo confirms this fact. Their research shows that content with images always performs better than text content. They found that infographics are the most impactful form of content.

Infographics even surpass animated content, for numbers of impressions. Humans are visual beings thus we use infographic and other visual aids to reach a wide audience.

9. Setting SMART goals for your growth

No point in setting impossible targets. We make sure instead to have specific and SMART goals for your growth plan. SMART goals are:

S - specific M - measurable A - achievable R - relevant T - time-bound

In other words, we would always have an idea about what to achieve, when and how. Setting a goal that contributes to your growth, that we can achieve and measure.

Establishing your goal - how will we grow your business? Are we looking for new subscribers, followers or customers? To have a targeted plan we need a clear goal.

10. Defining how to track and test

How will we track the success of your campaign? Will we use 'likes', 'clicks' or, perhaps, 'revenue'? How will we test this? We put these plans into action before executing them. We make sure to get the data necessary for you to draw meaningful conclusions.

How will we test your campaign? We assess your past successes. We ask questions like, 'Why your company'? What are the essential components that define your company? Aiming to 'Go Viral' - is easier said than done. There's no certainty to how well your content will perform. At the very least though, we ease the way your content is shared. For content to go viral, it needs to spread as easy as possible.

100+ companies rely on yechte to grow their businesses through social media.

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